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A complete list of my Earth Engine Apps is available here and here.

SMOKE Policy Tool // [Website]

The SMOKE Policy Tool uses land use and land cover information, GFEDv4s fire emissions, and GEOS-Chem adjoint sensitivities to model smoke PM2.5 in Singapore, Malyasia, and Indonesia from 2005-2029. The tool allows users to estimate the public health impacts from Indonesian fires and customize land management scenarios for mitigating smoke exposure and premature mortality. See our GeoHealth paper (Marlier et al., 2019) for more information.

FIRECAM Tool // [Website]

The FIRECAM Tool compares regional fire emissions estimates from five global fire emissions inventories: GFEDv4s, FINNv1.5, GFASv1.2, QFEDv2.5r1, and FEERv1.0-G1.2. The app also provides five simple metrics to help contextualize biases and differences among the five inventories. As a regional case study, I also built the SMOKE-FIRECAM Tool to show the differences in the modeled smoke PM2.5 across Equatorial Asia among the five inventories. See our RSE paper (Liu et al., 2020) for more information.

HMS Smoke Explorer

The HMS Smoke Explorer provides daily and annual summary visualizations of the smoke product from NOAA's Hazard Mapping System, as well as of MODIS fire and aerosol products. Every day, NOAA analysts manually draw polygons around smoke plumes, mainly using geostationary satellite imagery as reference, to make the HMS smoke product. The HMS smoke product is accompanied by a text product that describes the location and severity of smoke plumes across North America.

Air Trajectory Tracker

The Air Trajectory Tracker uses wind data from meterological datasets in Earth Engine to calculate 2D forward or backward tracjectories from point receptors. This app is currently a prototype and not meant to be used in lieu of HYSPLIT. My motivation for this app was to emulate HYSPLIT using surface winds and visualize wind patterns in Earth Engine.